Times Like These Festivals owes a few thanks to some really good people:

Thank you all so much guys! Times Like These Festivals couldn't have happened without you.

  1. Firstly, we would like to thank all our crowd funding contributors and patrons for their support and custom.
  2. This website was created with the help of the Tyler Moore web theme and tutorials, so thank you Tyler.
  3. We also owe photo credit to the following talented photographers:
Corks- On our Homepage by Leeroy
Pint on Table- On our About Page by Little Visuals
Distillery Barrels- On our Events & Tickets page- Pixabay User: Skeeze
Dusty Wine Bottles- On our Contact page- Jadon Barnes
Wine Bottles- On our What’s Next? Page-
Dram and Barrel- Whisky Tasting Link- Armin Hanisch
DJ + Sunset open air party-
Black & White Concert– We’ve not quite got round to using this photo yet, but we have a plan for it. Shot by Daniel Ebersole
Dusty Barrels- Used in our Crowd Funding Video. Shot by Pixabay User: Ajacs
Beer Pouring Photo- Pawel Kadysz
Black & White Wine Bottle- On our Get Directions page. Shot by Jadon Barnes
Cask Cellar- Used in our Count Down to Launch Facebook and Twitter posts. Shot by Toukou Sousui
Beer Pouring footage- Jeffery Beach
Wine Pouring footage-
Whisky Barrels - Islay - Scotland - Yves Jusot - Flickr
Gin and tonic - Bill - Flickr