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It's never too early for gin o'clock.

Find all the delicious gin brands we have been working with in the past and future. We love gin and are always expanding our gintellect to look for new and refreshing tastes!



Isle of Harris 
A stunning gin, borne of the Outer Hebrides. Stunning coastline and crystal blue waters inspire the multi-award winning bottle and produce of the same seas- sugar kelp- uniquely flavour the spirit. Notoriously hard to pick up a bottle, you can purchase one at our tastings.

Pickering's, an Edinburgh gin crafted in one of the smallest distilleries we’ve ever seen. The spirit, flavoured with all manner of Indian styled spices, is a testament to the history and evolution of the gin & tonic we know. Hear the rest of the story and taste this game changing spirit at our tastings.

Rock Rose

Rock Rose, made on the coasts of Caithness in Northern Scotland by husband and wife team Martin and Claire. Rock Rose uses a local ingredient- the root of the Rock Rose- that has grown wildly around Caithness since Viking times to uniquely flavour their spirit. The gin, encased in a hand numbered ceramic bottle, has become a staple of craft gin lovers. Enjoy with orange & rosemary.


Hidden in an old converted farm in Perthshire, Strathearn distillery lies. Possibly Scotland's smallest whisky distillery, they have also developed a range of killer gins. quite possibly the nicest, quaintest and generally lovely distillery to visit, their gins range from the classic Juniper led to the more contemporary. The stunning golden coloured Heather Rose gin is nothing short of brilliant.

Eden Mill

Eden Mill are home to huge and ever growing range of gins. Located in the world famous town of St. Andrews, they have taken residence in an old mill and have a famously good visitors experience. That aside, the gin is brilliant. Each gin is distilled and then flavoured again thereafter which allows them to create their huge range. We love Eden Mill Love, a delicate and pink gin infused with raspberry and rhubarb.


Makar - a Scottish words for poet, a maker of beautiful words. This is a superbly spicy gin made in Glasgow. The shape of the bottle is an ode to the art deco architecture spread throughout Scotland’s largest city. Heavily flavoured with Juniper, this is a contemporary take on a classic style.


A gin so good, you can drink it neat, though it still makes a phenomenal g&t! Slowly distilled with an emphasis on the slowly, imparts this gin with enormous depth of flavour. Dangerously smooth, yet complex. The bottle is a canvas for a specially commissioned painting by a world famous artist and is as pleasing to look at as the gin is delectable.


Daringly Different. Brockman’s Gin certainly lives up to their tag line. A beautiful fruity gin steeped in subtle blackberry and bramble notes and very lightly flavoured with Juniper. Definitely different. Definitely brilliant. Enjoy neat over ice, in a G&T or with ginger ale.